Small and medium-sized enterprises

Small and medium enterprises

Your business must change. Keeping it as it is now is not an option. Good, experienced external support is not possible. It is too expensive for that and you may not want to go down that route. Change is difficult. You know that from previous attempts. But now it should work and that is why you are looking for security.

Deliver an improvement project yourself with 95% certainty

Change management is a profession

And that is where the shoe pinches. Your team is well trained, but tackling a change initiative and accelerating it to real and lasting success is quite another challenge. They are not trained for this; they don’t have the experience.

We do have that knowledge and experience, and we have made it available to you online so that you can master your change challenge on your own.

Our approach has been continuously evolving since 1997 and has proven itself over and over again: deployed in hundreds of projects around the world, 95% of which were successful in delivering all necessary changes and improvements, on time and sustainably through high local ownership of changes and transfer of knowledge.

Our method is fully codified, documented and available online. It is very practically applicable and, at the same, time well substantiated both scientifically and empirically.

Everything in our approach is focused on developing momentum in the organisation, deep local ownership of the changes and delivering results that last.

Some of the companies where the Business Change Mentor has been deployed.